Betrayal At Krondor SCI

MAK I like this game very much, and although infact Dynamix made it, the useage of some SCI parts is clear. So, Brian, i want to know, will your upcoming studio be able to edit/extract/view or whatever any resources from it? the only thing i want - is to edit text resources (i wanna translate the game). Or could u maybe please tell me the format of resources this game used& Thanx.
Brian_Provinciano Lots of Sierra/Dynamics stuff use files named "" or "resource.000" but they aren't necessarily SCI. AFAIK no Dynamics games use SCI even though it's a division of Sierra.
Omer Mor Space Quest 5 was made by Dynamics, and used SCI.
Pikachu14 There's always some exception. In this case, SQ5.
cloudee1 I don't care what credits the game has SQ5, or any Space quest for that matter, was made by Sierra.

At this time whoever has spread such blasphemous rumours should be summarily executed by being fed to the orat. :o
Pikachu14 I Killed The Orat!
Robin_Gravel Was Willy Beamish an sci game?

Robin Gravel
Omer Mor willy beamish, rise of the dragon, heart of china & betrayal at kondor didn't use sci.
space quest 5 was the only dynamix game that used sci.
Robin_Gravel Thanks for the infos, Omer.

Robin Gravel