I could use some help...

ass-o Hi, I'm working on a game but I can't reach the menu or anything in my game. Also, when I try to type in some commands, not all of them work at all.

If anyone could help me, that'd be great.
Bjoern Hi.
I can't reach the menu or anything in my game. Also, when I try to type in some commands, not all of them work at all.

Hey, my car seems to be out of order. Sometimes I can drive, sometimes I can't. Can you help me?
You should be a little more specific about the things that work and the things that don't if you want us to help you.
Chris(AGISCI) I think he ment that the menu would not come up if you press escape. Along with other commands that should work in the menu.
Zero You might have to make the game all over again :'(. Brian might know or Robin Gravel. ;D

Chris(AGISCI) I don't think he needs to start a new game he probably has to set these two flags


also known as:


If you set these in logic.2 within the prev_room = 1 block it will accept the menu activation and other commands that you can type.

Hey zero don't jump to conclusions unless you know what the exact problem is and if it is unfixable. Don't take this personally but saying something like that before trying to fix the problem might have caused him to lose his game by taking your suggestion and starting the game over.
ass-o No, unfortunately that didn't fix it.
But if you guys have any more ideas i'll try them.
I also noticed that none of the hotkey commands work (quitting,saving,restoring,inventory etc) but at least I can turn the sound on and off.
AGI1122 Did you delete or edit any code in logic 0 or logic 91?
ass-o I changed a lot of stuff in logic 0 but when this problem came up I replaced it with logic0.txt that came with agi studio.
AGI1122 What about logic 91 did you do anything in that logic?
ass-o no
AGI1122 I would probably have to take a look at your game to figure out what is wrong send it to AGISCI@aol.com I will take a look through it and tell you what is wrong.
ass-o I also replaced logic91 but that didn't help. I can't even type in "inventory" to reach the inventory.
ass-o I have to think about that, Chris.
AGI1122 The only thing I can think of is that it has to be those flags I mentioned earlier. If you can send me the game I will take a look at the problem and tell you how to fix it.
brian do you mean that pressing f5 wont save and f7 wont load or anything?

if you send me or sum11 else the game they can take a look, or maybe you might have to think about starting your game again....sorry


ps. you didnt use any flags or vars below 50, did you, you might have overwrittten some interpreter flags....
Bjoern Hi,
didn't mean to be rude in my first answer.
If it's "only" the keyboard that doesn't work: I remember having massive keyboard problems with Win98. The solution was to start the game in pure DOS mode.
What system are you trying to run AGI on?
AGI1122 Try going in to pure dos mode like Bjoern said. If that don't work send it to agisci@aol.com and I will take a look at it and tell you how to fix it.
Zero That proble will work.