Help with Views Editor

Rodrigo I just download the view editor for V56, by Brian. I extract some V56 from Larry 7, and add the header (8000). When I try to open them, the next text appears: Access violation at address 0040A78E in module 'VIEWEDIT.EXE'. Read of address 00C4BB69.
Can anyone tell me why? Thankx!
Brian_Provinciano It doesn't support those views. They are a completely different format. You'll have to wait for the new SCI Studio.
Rodrigo Ok, thanks. I just though that SCI1 are VGA. I'm gonna wait. See ya!
Brian_Provinciano That prog supports SCI1, but LSL7 is SCI3
Khaveen Hey Brian, about your VGA view editor...
It does not open some palletes from views. For example, I try to open a view from Space Quest 1 VGA, but it displays just a black box. And all the colours in palette are black. How to solve this problem?
Brian_Provinciano Not all VGA views have embedded palettes. The new SCI Studio allows you to select any of the palette resources in the game to view/edit views.