"SCI Sound to MIDI 0.04" and PQ3...?

PQPriest :) Some time ago I downloaded this program - "SCI Sound to MIDI", v0.04, by Ravi I. - and I used it to convert .SND files extracted from Police Quest 2, to MIDIs for listening. The program worked fine and made great sounding MIDIs, so I was hoping to do the same with PQ3 and 4. I used the "SDV" tool to extract the .SND files from Police Quest 3 (it extracted them, although, unfortunately, it refused to do the same with Police Quest 4's files), and then I wanted to convert them to MIDIs - but when I tried that, the converter always stated "Unknown command" and apparently stopped the conversion, with every file. It *did* seem to make some MIDI files, but they were invalid - nothing would play them. Doesn't it work with PQ3(4?), or am I doing something wrong? Or do I have an obsolete version (0.04) and there's a newer one that can do this?