Trouble getting the MIDI sound from KQ4

altair401 I am trying to play KQ4 but I can't get the sound to come through my MIDI. I downloaded the general midi driver and it seemed to work when i started up the game but after the KQ4 logo transitions to the opening intro scenes of the game the sound competely stops. Is there a better driver for this that i can install into the game directory? I refuse to play the game without the ability to play the improved sound.
Kon-Tiki Hmmmm, I can understand that you don't want to play with the original music (those AGI-sounds always give me headaches too if I don't use that SB-patch)

To be able to solve this, we first need to know which KQ4 you have, the AGI-version or the SCI-version (AGI-version has typing while walking, SCI-version has a bar that pops up when you start talking)

Along with that, is that midi driver you got a windows-driver or something specially for those games?

altair401 nevermind i found the VDMS website and it seems to be working fine now.
Robin_Gravel Some patches don't work on older than v2.9x and v3.0.

It's specified on either the sites or the readme file.

Robin Gravel