It's time to take action

Zero Hi im Zero im new here. I had to think alot about agi it was eather agi or rpg maker 2000. And I choosed agi. if aney of you have msn messenger add me I might be getting yahoo messenger soon. And could sombody give me a idea for a adventure game?

brian hey zero, welcome to agi.

glad you chose it, its more proper that rpgmaker i reckon ne way

ideas, wow...

you can make a game out of anything, how about

ancient egypt

theres a start....
Zero Cool Thanks Brian. Your that cool guy that maid sci game maker. You are so cool. and thanks for welcoming me.
Zero I also herd you made some really cool agi stuff. :o
AGI1122 I think I should mention that there are two Brians on this board. You could have talked to either one. Brian Provinciano and Brian Corr. Brian Provinciano is the one that made SCI Studio and some AGI utilities. Your guess is as good as mine on which one you talked to.
Zero Well thanks Brian Corr or Brian Provinciano.  ;D
brian its brian corr actually....

lol pretty funny thanks 4 the compliments hehe

im not much of a pioneer but i really know agi programming so if u need help ask me

ass-o Damn! I thought they were the same person!
AGI1122 He may not be Brian Provinciano but he has made a few games. I have seen some on Robin Gravel's site. He is a good programmer for sure.
Zero Ya
Nailhead Welcome Zero! I've been away on vaction for a coupla weeks and haven't visited the board. Well, better late than never. Glad you chose AGI. :)
Zero Thanks.  :D