Steve Hello,
I was wondering how much is known about SCIWin games, resources, etc.. I am trying to extract/view files of the game "The Realm". Am I right in thinking this is a SCIWin v3 game? I used SciResDump to extract resources from the files but I haven't been able to find a program that will let me view them. Are there any pages related to SCIWin, or at least something that I can start with to try and work with these files. I am looking through the SCI1 specifications to see if I can find a similiar pattern in the SCIWin files. I can't seem to find any resources on SCIWin applications. Any help on this subject would be great.

Ego If I remember correctly, Brian's SCIStudio 4 will support SCIWin32...? Though it's probably not coming out until 2005 or so. ;-)
Brian_Provinciano The new SCI Studio supports SCIWin (which is just SCI1.1+, same as the DOS). Just be patient.

Ego: 2005? Hardly! Please don't make up false information.
Steve Sounds good Brian. I was just wondering because I noticed on the webpage that The Realm wasn't listed. If you want me to test it out I can, but as far as I know it is a SCIWin v3 game, except that it is online.

Ego Yeah, I know, I added the smiley :-P. It's just that we've been waiting and waiting for SSv4, so it seems like ages. %-)
Sierra Player I have a question about SCI Studio 4 that apparently hasn't been asked yet... will SSv4 be able to extract the music from SCI VGA games and convert it to the MIDI format? That's all I want from it... :)

Well, okay, not *all*, but definitely top... my biggest SCI dream, to have all MIDIs from all those wonderful VGA games and remakes...
Pidgeot You need SCI Studio to make SCI MIDI? Have you never heard about I'll bet at least 90% of what you need is available there.
Sierra Player

You need SCI Studio to make SCI MIDI? Have you never heard about] I'll bet at least 90% of what you need is available there.

Oh, you know what *I* need better than *I* myself know, right?

a: QS usually records *selected* tracks. There's a subtle difference between *selected tracks* and *full soundtracks* - see?

b: to stress a part of the above: QS normally *records* the tracks, which means that the output is not necessarily 100%the same (or even full and complete) version of what the game actually has stored in its libraries.

c: once again, they *record* the tracks. If any music is unused or only played partially (which happens more often than you probably think), yet the game *does* have it in its data, recording won't help much if the tracks aren't played anywhere in the game, will it?

d: I found exactly 10% of what I was looking for on QS - i.e. 1 full soundtrack from the 10 full soundtracks I wanted. In fact, it was less than that, as in the case of this "full" soundtrack, I had to find one track myself (in another game, where it was reused), because, even though it was present in the first game, it was missing from the "full" QS version. (Later, I found the second and third soundtrack from my list elsewhere, and ripped and recorded four more myself, but I still have three remaining on my wanted list). Nb, last time I checked, QS still only had the first one from my list (and the missing track is still missing) - that's slightly less than your "90%".
cloudee1 I don't want any soundtracks but I want a drip sound, any ideas where I could get a good drip sound
Gromitigo Step 1: Bring tape recorder in bathroom.
Step 2: Put seat up.
Step 3: Hit 'record'.
Step 4: Urinate.
Step 5: Hit 'record' again.
Step 6: Input in to computer, create sound file of last 3 seconds.

There you go. Drip sound.


(PS: Brian, take you're time. Im a programmer too, I know what it takes. Thanks for all the hard work. Personally, I'm spending the time waiting for SC VGA to come out to think out my games.)
Det. Carey ;-) Seriously, the best dripping sound I can remember - spooky, ambient, with an echo - was in a game! (Not a Sierra one.) It was in "Shadow of the Comet", inside the well where Narackamous was hiding. I think it was used in "Alone in the Dark", too, played once you reached the cellar and the caverns with the mansion's master...
Kon-Tiki Shadow of the Comet... now that was a creepy game... just that seagull-scream alone :o The game itself isn't creepy, but the whole atmosphere in it and the tension in the village. Then, with those sound effects... :o