I can't run police quest under winxp

R Singh I am running an athlon 1.4 with windows xp profesional. Whenever I try and run police quest, it runs to the police quest intro, but then the game(not the computer) freezes. I have to minimize the application and close it. Please help, I need to fix this because I'm making a game for a school project.
AGI1122 You should try makeing a boot disk or run it under dos.
R Singh But I gotta use AGI Studio to compile and run my game. But it freezes just like police quest.
Zero Maybe if you run strght from dos?  :P
AGI1122 After you compile the game go to dos and run it.
sonneveld agisci/zero:
I think I would find having to run from a boot disk to test out a game I was writing in Windows would be a big pain.

Do you know if the game works under another operating system?  It might just be a corrupted game.

You mentioned you were using AGI Studio.  Are you editing the Police Quest logic files?  Perhaps you changed something that broke the first room's logic.

Try stepping through the code using the trace routine.  You might have to hack in the trace init cmds in yourself using agi studio but you could step through and see if there's a loop.

- Nick
R Singh It worked under Windows2000. I'm not editing the poliic quest file, I just took some characters out and put it in the "starter's pack"

No-one else uses XP?
AGI1122 Yes compileing it in windows and running it in dos would be a pain. But if it is the only way to get it to work I say go for it.
Zero That would be a pain big time.  :P :-
sonneveld starters pack?
Zero Ya what starter pack ? ???
AGI1122 I believe he is talking about the pack on the ultimate AGI & SCI Web Site it has everything you need to make you own AGI games. AGI demo 3(So you can get an interpreter), AGI Studio, mid2rol, and rol2snd are in this pack. Is this the pack you are talking about?
Zero Ok thanks for telling me.  ;D
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R Singh Your exactly right AGISCI. Ah well, thanks for the help people.
AGI1122 Why don't you try running the game with the NAGI interpreter. That might work.
Zero Ya that might work.  :o
R Singh Thanks for the info on NAGI interpreter, it works. But now I have a second problem. When I compile a logic, it says " Error creating directory "C:\Game\\src". The source code could not be saved".  I think the problem is the two / before src. How can I fix this?
AGI1122 If you are editing AGI games they cannot be located directly in the hard drive example:

c:\game\src    this will not work
c:\game\game\src    this will work

don't ask me what causes this problem all I know is it has something to do with AGI Studio

just create a dircectory then copy your game's directory into it.
R Singh Well, I created a directory called game in C:, then I created another directory called game ..so it's like this.
C:\game(empty directory)\game(has the game)\src

it still says the error message. :'(

R Singh http://www.nailhead.org/agistudio/

I went there and downloaded there executable agistudio( they modified it). It works great and it fixed my problem.
Zero Cool.  ;D
AGI1122 Yeah the new version of AGI Studio has many bug fixes I did not know that was one of them though. Well if you have any other problems be sure to ask us.
Zero Cool.  ;D