A few questions about SCI Studio

Atogus A few questions regarding SCI Studio and SCI programming in general:

- Is *anyone* out there programming anything serious in SCI??
- Is SCI Studio dead or is Brian still working on it? (Although it's a great program, it still is a bit buggy)
- I recently used scidisasm to disassemble a few scripts from PQ2 and SQ3 and I'd like to know if anyone else has tried to disassemble SCI games and what they got out of it.


(PS: Many thanks go out to Brian for all the great work he's done on SCI)
Zero He is still working on it.  :o
To tell you the truth i like agi more its much easer.
AGI1122 I am currently making a game in SCI(Just to practice in SCI and learn it. It will not be released unless I feel it is of some real good quality.) The version of SCI Studio that has been released is a beta and has way to many bugs. Brian is still working on it and it should be released only when it is completly finished.

I escpecially keep running into a bug when trying to draw pictures.

I have only done a little disasembling of SCI games I only have done this to SQ3 since this is the kind of feel I want when I make SCI games.
Zero Cool.  ;D
Atogus I also keep running into bugs when using the view and pic editors of SCI Studio. The script editor isn't very stable either once you start working on relatively large script files.

I hope a new version will be released soon because I'm starting to get the hang of SCI but unfortunately it isn't easy to use SCI Studio without running into problems.
AGI1122 A few of the bugs actually make it so you have to shut down SCI studio without getting to save what your working on.

The view editor bug I know very well. The some cels and sometimes even loops disapear. Also if sometime the button to go back and forward between cels and loops gets messed up.