Website History cache

sonneveld Hi,

What I would like to see is a cache of all the old AGI fan sites before they disappear.  Especially after seeing sites like the Time Quest site going because the free server went down.  

You could separate them into living and non-living, so people know if the original site is still up.

I think there's a site called the Wayback machine project or something where they were storing all of the website data for a particular year for historical reasons.  Perhaps we could piece together sites from there and collect them all for AGI's history.  

We could even look up the older AGI messageboards and store them in some sort of cache as well.

any ideas?

- Nick
thesam Well, it seems like a good idea. The URL to the Wayback machine is btw.
Zero That would be cool.
AGI1122 This is a great idea to impliment. I haved noticed in about 2 months about 10 AGI sites disapeared this is a real shame. We need to do something about it to preserve the history of AGI before it is gone forever. Especially sites like AGI Studio's official web site and Lance Ewing's site need to be added before they disapear. I think lots of people will agree with me on these points. Someone needs to put this idea into action as soon as possible.
Zero Ya it is a shame. :( We need to do something.
Nailhead I'm using all of the material from Peter Kelly's AGI Studio site as well as backing up his entire site and placing a link on my site with it. I'm trying to preserve everything that is AGIStudio that I can. Although it would be nice to have a central location for all of the AGI site backups, but that's too big of a project for me.

Oh yeah, just for the hell of it, I registered Seems everyone in the AGI ring uses, so why not, it's free and it works.