King's Quest Help!

guest Please Help me! I don't know who else to ask.

I tried playing my old King's Quest 5, but the ol' DOS game will not initialize sound in my Windows XP/ SoundBlaster 128 environment. Does anyone know where I can get updated sound drivers for the game to play or how I can get the sound working?

Much appreciated!!
Andrew_Baker If KQV is AGI, then download NAGI from Install it. Run it. You will now have a much better interpreter to now play your game.
Joel unfortunately, kq5 is not agi, so NAGI is of no use in getting it to work. and I highly doubt that sierra will be making any sound drivers to get the sound to work any time soon. i think there are programs that help with this, but I can't remember off-hand what they're called or where to get them.
Nychold You can download VDMS which should allow you to use sound in Windows XP. It can be downloaded from just about any Abandonwarez site, or just search online for VDMS. It shouldn't be too hard to find.
altair401 I am also having difficulty w/ the sci version of KQ4. I can get the music to play through VDMS but it seems as though the sound effects won't play. Any suggestions?
Yobbo Try this:

I had this same problem and to get it around on my pc, I went into CMOS and disabled the External Memory (Leave the Internal Memory as it is).

There is also a sound patch available for certain Sierra Games which may work and is called Go Sierra V2 found at

Good Luck!! ::)