Windows XP proffesional

effendi Will SCI studio work on Windows XP proffessional? Because I just bought a new computer that is coming in a few weeks and Its going to have Windows XP Professional installed. I have this bad feeling that SCI games won't work right on my new computer being that it has a different file architecture and that my processor will be almost 6 times faster than my current windows 98 OS computer. Already the MIDI music doesn't work for my Sierra games with my SB extigy external sound card. Well... basically what Im asking is, will the SCI interpereter function on a brand new system.
this isn't the best computer out there but here is what it will be.

IBM Netvista

Pentium 4 2.0 ghz 400mhz bus speed
Windows Xp proffesional
Extreme Graphics Video Card (not sure exact specs)

so, will SCI Studio, and it's products work correctl with this system?
Me Throw out the Extijunk and get an Audigy, or, better yet, SBLive. Install W98SE on a second partition (better yet, kick out XtremecraP altogether and just keep W98, the only MS OS other than W2K that is actually worth something). With XtremecraP, you might try to use VDMSound/Bochs/DosBox, and pray that they work OK.
Robin_Gravel Sure.

SCI studio works on XP. Brian told me SCI Studio is not fully supported for Win95 and Win98.

I'm wondering if SCI Studio VGA will support WIN 95/98.

Robin Gravel
Effendi Oh... so actually SCI studio will work better on XP...? cool.

OH yea, the Extigy isn't a great sound card at all, I admit that, but It's better than the one that came with my computer. I currently have it hooked up to a P.A. system and the quality is o.k., I think it would sound better on a digital surround sound system though with a sub or something.

P.s. anyone with XP: does qfg 1-5 and or kq 5-6 work correctly on your computers... or are they majorly bugged out