NAGI v2.04 Released

sonneveld Hi!

You can find the latest release here:
Don't forget to download the SDL runtime as well.

January 2nd, 2002
Wow, it's 2002 now.  New release with some small bug fixes:

   * toggle.monitor support (ie, you can toggle between the CGA/EGA modes with ctrl-R in games that support it)
   * pgup/dn in the startup menu
   * along with it being sorted alphabetically
   * progress window at startup
   * CRC's for more games added thanks to Charles Irwin
   * hugely updated docs!
   * fixed small bugs
   * text mode uses correct pallete when in cga mode
   * moved dir_list to nagi.ini
   * lots of warnings added to help developers

Unless anything else pops up, I will be working on the sound system rewrite next.

- Nick
Awesome! =)

I really like your interpreter, Nick. Cleanliness is its forte.
I understand that it takes a lot of time and work to make such a good program,
and thats why I think that you should also get a lot credit for it.

Keep it up! :)
sonneveld Thanks guest.. comments like this make working on NAGI all the better.

- Nick
Zero Cool.  ;D
Space Quest: Lost Chapter
Crashes at intro.  Logic code was setting wrong loop number and clear lines has two reversed parameters
the cmd prompt is meant to be shown during intro.  NAGI needs to check for dodgy logic code

Is this issue no longer an issue with NAGI? The reason I ask is because it works perfectly for me (Win2000/1Ghz). The only thing it couldn't do was cmd.shake.screen, but I see that it's on your 'To Do' list.

Excellent release btw!
AGI1122 That bug in that causes SQTLC to crash has been fixed in NAGI. Along with the bug that caused KQ4 to crash.
sonneveld That bug occured in early versions of SQ:TLC.. I sent an email to Vonster and he silently released a new version.. there's actually a few different versions of SQ:TLC that he didn't announce.

- Nick
Nailhead Ah ok, that's cool. :)

Just so you know, nagi_issues.txt still mentions the bug.
sonneveld umm.. fixed :)

- Nick