Time Quest

Robin_Gravel Hi

Time Quest homepage is gone?

Robin Gravel
Chad Goulding Yeah, they took it away without even telling me!  ):|
NBCi seem to have completely abandoned giving out free webspace. Can anyone recommend a good place where I can get some free webspace so that I can ressurrect the TQ webpage?

Thx in advance,

AGI1122 Maybe a geocities page they give out plenty of space. I use AOL for hosting my site the only thing is you have to be an AOL member to use it. There is plenty of free web service provieders out there the only thing is most of them involve ads.

Yeah, they took it away without even telling me!
Sam Why so many people use crappy free webspace like geocities, and tripod is beyond me. Incredibly slow and tons of ads!

No need to put up with that: check out http://www.freebyte.com/freeservices/FreeHomepages.html

There are many sites that will provide you with a webpage with NO ads of any kind (popup, banner, etc). And as an added bonus your visitors will get a much faster transfer rate because millions of users won't be banging on the same server at the same time. My favorite on the list so far is Portland. Check it out!
Joel It looks like that list is a little outdated. Crosswinds is most definitely not the way their list describes it anymore. They've started using popup ads and they've gotten rid of the free e-mail.

I'd be wary of those no ads places. What that usually means is no ads AT THE MOMENT. As more and more people sign up, they add more and more restrictions.
Sam Granted, Crosswinds does have ads now, but I'd certainly choose a place that has no ads at the moment over a place that already has annoying ads. As I said before, try Portland, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
AGI1122 Portland looks real good the only thing I don't like about it though is the traffic restrictions. I am looking for a free host that has no pop ups and no traffic restictions but will let me use CGI scripts.
Chad Goulding Ok. I've uploaded the Time Quest page to a portland account
Thanks everyone for the helpful comments.
The page is at:



Robin_Gravel Hi Chad.

I'll update the brocken link from my site.

Robin Gravel
Zero If you sign up for geocities then take your web site and put it in cjb domain no more pop ups will come.
And the cool thing is that cjb is FREE :o ;D
AGI1122 Glad to see the site is back up. I can't wait to see the next release of Time Quest.
Zero Ya me to.  ;D ;D ;D
Hi Chad.

I'll update the brocken link from my site.

Robin Gravel

It fixed in my site.

Robin Gravel