King's Quest IV AGI...???

SierraSeeker OK... I've been searching for this game for years... it's the only Quest game that I don't have. I've asked about it on newsgroups, boards, I searched sites. Sierra doesn't sell it, stores don't sell it, NOBODY sells it, because only individuals have it now, and those who *do* have the original release treasure it too much to sell it. So the only way to get it is to download a (bleep) copy online, right? But I've searched probably all of the abandonware sites and peer to peer networks, and it wasn't available anywhere. One site *did* have it - two years ago. Then it was invaded by robert hunter (idsa) and told to shut down, so it removed basically everything, including the KQ4 AGI.

So is there any way to get the game? Any site to look in? ???
AGI1122 Sorry but it is illegal to download it, and it is against board policy for anyone to point you to abandonware sites to download games.