Having Problems with AGI Studio

Tim Gallagher I am running version 1.37 of AGI Studio under Windows 98 and the only game I can open is Space Quest I. Every other game tells me that either there was an error or it is not a AGI Version 2 or 3 game.
Any idea on the problem here.

Also running QT AGI Studio under OS X and I can only get the menu bar to run on that one. Opening a game or creating a new one from template crashes the program.

Hmmm....seem to be challenged.

Andrew_Baker I ran 1.34 with no problems under Win98 SE.
Kon-Tiki Only problem I can think of is that it checks the directory, while the actual game's in a subdirectory. That always gives me that error. Also try to open some fanmade games and see if it gives that error in them too.