Xqzzy Rcxmcq Can someone please tell me how to do an end.of.loop for the ego? I try to do


but that doesn't work....
Robin_Gravel Be sure the cel begins to 0.

Robin Gravel
Corby Make sure you reset your flag:

rwfromxenon Also, make sure that you have added the start.cycling function. It won't work without it. ;)
Andrew_Baker I had numerous problems using normal animation control commands on the ego, including some inexplicable bugs. Instead, when I needed to use some of those tricky commands on the ego, I actually temporarily replaced it with a new animated object and used that. Not the most elegant workaround, to be sure, but I had to do it.

Hopefully, you're a better, luckier coder :D
Kon-Tiki Teeheehee, this is a fun bug ;D

This doesn't work because the end.of.loop doesn't work with player inputted animations. What you need to do to get this working, is disabling the cursors-sensitivity of that object. You do this by using the refuse.input();-command (that's just off of the top of my head, might be something similar to that)
Now just treat ego like any other object. When you're finished, be sure to put the accept.input();-command (yet again, might be something similar) to make ego the command-eating pixelblob that it should be.

Hope this clears things up.

sonneveld of course. now i remember that the template set aside a certain flag to manually go through the loop i think.

- Nick