Sierra SCI 256 Palette

effendi hey, does anyone have a palette file for the SCI 256 color palette used in their games like Kq5-kq6 Qfg1remake-Qfg3? I beleive Sierra used a standard palette for those games. Ive tried to extract the palette from images from games, but of course, each picture does not contain every color so the pallete extracted is incomplete. If anyone has any files or tips that would help me get the complete palette be it in .pal format or in just a pcx image that would be awsome. thanks.
Brian_Provinciano The games do not have standard palettes. They can use thousands of different colours, just 256 at a time. That said, each screen should be different. Have a look at some of my screen shots of the new SCI Studio to see for yourself: (Thanks to Chris Cromer for hosting them).
effendi thanks for the information. Im trying to start work on the graphics of a 256 color game, but It is so tuff to draw something that looks good that not only alots enough colors for the background, but also for the EGO and the GUI and other NPC's. Sierra did such a great job on their graphics.
Effendi oh yea, I didn't think of this on my last post.

Does anyone have any information on as to what graphics/animation programs the sierra developers used for their 256 SCI games. At this point I assume they where developed by Sierra souly to edit resources for their engine. It would be so cool to have the exact development software they had to make a really authentic looking game.