cannot open Dagger of amon ra

code i am using different versions of sci studio but he fails to open this file from this program(it says its corrupt or the worng version ...)
the version reported is 2.000.274
AGI1122 SCI Studio can't open VGA games as of yet. But when Brian releases the next version it will have that ability, so all we can tell you is be patient.
John Carey By the way, I didn't find this explained yet - will the SCI Studio VGA (hopefully released *really* soon :)) support games using SVGA modes, too? (Specifically, I'm interested in browsing and extracting everything from the guts of Police Quest IV CD, and this game is in 640x480x256 VESA mode)
AGI1122 It "should" from what I have heard. Brian says it will support just about all SCI games.
Brian_Provinciano Correct. See my screen shots on