New release of AGIL.

RaDIaT1oN New release of AGIL released.  Check it out at

This one has sound support, except in DOS. And a Windoze port.
It runs "V" in Linux, but appears to crash the 'doze version on my 'doze box.
I don't know why, maybe a memory thing?
Zero Cool.  ;D
AGI1122 Great job I will take a look. I wonder why V would not work in it though.
Zero ?????  ???
AGI1122 Hey could you make the window in the windows port bigger it is so small you have to squint sometimes.
RaDIaT1oN I know the problem, same problem with the X version (Linux, windowed).  The problem is first that I didn't write the Windoze (SDL) graphics driver, and also that it is already very slow.  If you know about SDL you can look at it.
I may when I have time, also as I have said before doing 'doze stuff is a problem for me.

Anyone knowing about Xlib is also welcome to fix the X11 driver.
AGI1122 I can't help you out with the doze port in fixing the problem but I can be a windows tester if you want?