Tsunami games - SCI?

LL Does anyone know if those "renegade Sierra" games (Blue Force and so on) were made with some modified version that they (the Sierra programmers who left the company) had? Could existing SCI utilities be adapted to read their data? I actually tried some SCI tools on "Blue Force", hoping to extract something - music and graphics, mostly :) - and, of course, it didn't work.
Nychold My guess is no. There are some features in Blue Force's game engine which are very much like SCI's (including a function BlueActor::addToPic() which was defunc'ed and a debug mode which NOBODY on the internet knows how to gain access to), however combined with the overwhelming amount of variables, flags, and other such game related information which is "hard coded" into the game (in BLUE.EXE), the chances that it is even related to SCI are slim. If they are, they're second cousins, twice removed. SCI is very game independant while TMI seems to be very game dependant. (TMI is the "magic number" for all of Blue Force's external game files, so until the actual name of the game engine is released, this abbreviation should suffice.)