Emualtor for Palm

Aleksander Are there any emulators that let me play SCI games on my Palm?
AGI1122 I am not sure, but I think FreeSCI might have a port for the palm.
NaksuApina No, there's no freeSCI for Palm. It would, however, be an interesting project, as the new palms have 320x320 color display.

From the freesci README:
--- clip ---
4 Platform support

Successful builds for the 0.3.4a release were reported for the following
- ppc/Debian GNU/Linux/gcc
- sh4/Dreamcast/unknown/gcc
- ia32/Red Hat 7.2/Linux/gcc
- sparc/Sun/SunOS 5.7/gcc
- alpha//FreeBSD 4.7/gcc
- itanium 2/Debian GNU/Linux/gcc
- hppa/HP/hp-ux11.11/cc

Builds for 0.3.4 (without the a, and minus the xlib bug) were reported on

- ia32/Red Hat 7.3/Linux/gcc
- mips/sgi/IRIX 6.5/gcc
- ia32/unknown/Linux/gcc
- ia32/Sun/Solaris 2.8/gcc
- sparc/Sun/Solaris 2.8/gcc
- alpha/Red Hat 7.2/Linux/gcc
- alpha/Compaq/OSF5.1/ccc
- ia32//FreeBSD 4.7/gcc
- alpha//NetBSD 1.6/gcc
- ia32//NetBSD 1.6/gcc
- parisc64/Debian GNU/Linux/gcc
- itanium/HP/hp-ux11.11/cc

The following platform used to be supported, but no longer is:

- ia32/DOS (no maintainer)
This port is orphaned. Anyone interested please contact us.