Not to stress, but...

Pikachu14 Don't you guys think it's time for a news update? It's been a month now.

I'm also the first to post here since at least three days. Yes Cutter, that'd fit nicely in the Bad Things category.
AGI1122 To answer your question... NO. Be patient, and if you don't hear news don't worry about it. It isn't like he is going to post every change he makes. He will only update the news when he makes and important change or release.
Eigen Guess Brian is working hard to get the new SCI Studio ready soon, I think and hope.


Dr Jummybummy's Space Adventure 2 is coming along very nicely as well. Total of 130 views, 55 playable rooms and lots of stuff.
Paladinlover For some reason, I don't think there's much left to go, seeing that it's been more than 3+ months since the last time Brian release the studio.

Another factor would be hammering out bugs, as we know, even if he impliments everything, having bugs in it is a problem. And of course, reverse engineering everything is tideous work, not to mention the decomplier that would enable us to see the game's scripts and edit them.

In the meantime, why don't you guys send Brian a cheque or two? Or send them using Paypal if you can.

Till next time stay cool 8)