What's a good interpreter for winNT?

R Singh I made a game based on scarcity for my econ class. I went up to present and the game didn't work! I was kinda mad. What's a interpreter for winNT?
AGI1122 Only three interpreters that I know of work for win. NAGI, Sarien, and AGIL. I would recomend either NAGI or Sarien both can be found on my web site. AGIL of course is just now beginning to support windows and has a few bugs so I would not try it until the arrow keys are fixed.
RaDIaT1oN Excuse me: AGIL is only just beginning to exist.  The project is like just over a month old.  I think it's working damn well so far.

It has come to my attention that the cursor keys actually do work on some systems, but not on all.  I really don't understant SDL's key handling API. I would think it was broken, but some programs actually do work.

Do the keypad cursor keys work?  They do on all systems I have tried.  I will add some translation code in the next release (soon) that will translate the cursor block to the keypad. (Unless I figure out how SDL is supposed to work.)

The next release also has item selection in the inventory screen and Multi-slot saved games!
(And some bug fixes)

df I think AGIL is going along nicely! keep up the work.
AGI1122 I ment no disrespect I like AGIL but it's bugs in windows make it not a good choice for what he wants. Did not mean to offend you about that. Can't wait to see the next release of AGIL.
RaDIaT1oN Thanks for the nice comments.

The next release of AGIL is practically ready, just need to fix that keyboard stuff.  This is a problem, because it works on the only 'doze box I have access to (Windoze95 on Pentium133, my old box, also has no sound).
AGI1122 I can do testing of AGIL on windows98 with Intel Celeron 433MHz processor with sound.
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