AGI command

RaDIaT1oN I've implemented the command in, what will be, the next release of AGIL.  However this command does not seem to work as it should.  It displays the "Press ENTER to restart..." message box, and restarts the game if enter is pressed. (As I understood the command to work.)

In Larry, however, when you die, they screw a new head on, etc. then the lift takes you to the top of the screen, and is executed, bringing up the message box.  How is supposed to know whether or not do display the messagebox? It takes no args, according to the spec.
AGI1122 I beleive a certain flag has something to do with the restart function. I beleive it is flag 6 but am not too sure. Maybe if that flag is set or unset it does that.
Zero I think AgiSci is right. ;D
AGI1122 I am not sure if I am right but I do know that flag 6 has stuff to do with restarting the game.
RaDIaT1oN The AGI spec says that flag 6 is a set by the command.

So resets flags and vars to 0 unloads all resources sets a few flags and vars to their initial values, and also sets flag 6, to that logic.0 knows not to show the intro sequence (or whatever) again.

It may also be as you say, but I don't think so.  I'll decompile the logics from Larry to see.
AGI1122 I have already checked Larry's logics and have noticed that flag 6 was not used. So it has to be something else maybe Nick knows.