Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed

MagickPoultry I've made some progress on my next game "Tonight the Shrieking Corpses Bleed."  Not a lot quantitatively speaking, but I've managed to finish some of the parts that might have been trouble.  I finished making a satisfactory turn-based battle system for fighting the enemy corpses, and I just finished drawing an important picture that exceeded all my expectations.  

The story itself has taken more shape and become more original and interesting than it was initially.  Without going into too much detail yet, the dead coming back to life is a fairly common occurrence in this town, and the people have gotten used to it and go about their everyday lives.

At this point, I'm becoming more interested in the game, so progress should continue at a pretty steady rate.  I don't really know how long the game will turn out to be, so I can't make an estimate as to how long it will take me to finish making it.  Now, if I can just get around to updating my website...
AGI1122 Make sure to tell us when it comes out or when you get the web site updated.
Zero Ya.
MagickPoultry Okay... got my website updated.  I changed things around a tiny bit.  I added a page on the TSCB with a few screen shots and some information.  And I also fixed a small bug in Tex McPhilip 2 dealing with the Cerberus animation.  That's all.  And the address is still