Tom59 Is Sarien the name of that executable you guys made to replace the standard Sierra one? Why was this developed: to make distribution of the complete package more legal, or does it add extra features?

If the latter, then what features does it have beyond the capabilities of the Sierra counterpart (also, what are it's limitations compared to Sierra's as well)?

Is there a time when one is better to use over the other?
AGI1122 Well Sarien and NAGI have one benefit over the original for Windows XP users. The old AGI games don't properly display text for some reason in windows xp, so reading is impossible without NAGI or Sarien.

As for some benefits... Sarien and NAGI can emulate multiple types of interpreters not just 1 specific interpreter version.

NAGI has superior game recognition for it's other benefit.

Sarien has both the original and 3D menu's, can use an amiga palette, can change the resolution abit(I can't remeber if it stretch's it or shrink it... but it looks square like instead of rectangular).

These are just some of the core stuff they can do. But it's really up to you which to use.

The interpreter I use personally is NAGI.