AGIL 0.1.4 released.

RaDIaT1oN For some reason my announcement didn't get posted.??

Yesterday I released a new AGIL (0.1.4) featuring:
     Fixed keyboard code in SDL driver.
     Fixed OSS sound code.
     Inventory screen item selection.
     Multi-slot saved games. function.

     Check the changelog for more!

Get it from
AGI1122 Cool I am going to get it now. Now that the arrow keys work I will start testing some of Sierra's AGI games on it. Would you like me to take pictures for you?
RaDIaT1oN If you could send me picture of the final screens of any games that you can finish it would be great.  I'll put them on the web page.

So far only the space quests, and larry have been finished.  If you finish any others please let me know.

AGI1122 Sure I will start playing some games on your interpreter and taking their pics.