hebrew fonts

Alex Lowes Hello :)
I started making my first try in the font editor by making a hebrew sci font.
but there are some problems( I am new to this)
here is an error after I drew all the fonts:
when I run test font and type a none capital letter it shows me this :
acces violation address 0046C553 in module 'scistudio.exe'.read of address 0000000A.
Thats what happnes in sci studio(only with the capital letters it does work).
another starge thing is that after I saved the font I came to load it but it doesn't exsist as an sci font(maybe here is the problem)so to solve it I click show all filles (somthing is wrong here.
I hope you can help me cause I am the hebre translator of the kings quest 1 vga version :)
Khaveen When you test the font, change the language to enlish! And if you did 256-characters font, you must test it in the DOS, because the Windows non-standard characters and the DOS non-standard characters are different. Remember that the SCI games are for DOS, right?
Alex Lowes But I want to make a font to work wit AGS which supports sci fonts.
so windows based games cannot work there?
Khaveen No. You don't need to make a SCI font for AGS. Haven't you read the translator's forum? KQVGA 3.0 will support TTF fonts, so you don't need to worry with all this SCI fonts mess.
Alex Lowes No but actually there is a problem with hebrew TTF
it was dicussed alot in the tierra and AGS forum and
we conqluded that it should be made with sci fonts :(
I am sure there is a way
Alex Lowes I found somthing wrong
when I saved it in the sci font editor
it saved it as ttf for some odd reason :(
Khaveen Well if you have a 256-char font you can't import it in AGS. I tried it already and it said that it was a wrong file. The only thing that you can do is to replace Engligh letters with Hebrew. But with that thing, you can't display English letters. :(
Alex Lowes LOL but that is exactly what I did.
I did not add more letters.
I drew over the English ones:)
in ags you can use multiple font support so you can use english and hebrew with two diffarent fonts.
but why do so.
anyhow another problem is what I wrote ontop about what happened when I drew over the none capital letters.
Khaveen And I told you already about it!
Ok, I repeat:
When you test your SCI font in the special tester included with SCI Studio, and you have non-common characters overwrited over standard English characters, DON'T FORGET TO CHANGE YOUR TYPING LANGUAGE TO ENGLISH, because THE PROGRAM WILL RECOGNIZE THE CHARACTERS AS ENGLISH CHARACTERS!
[size=1]How did I explain that, uh? Good really?[/size]
Alex Lowes Thanks that was one problem solved ;D
now what about the second problem.
which was that for some odd reason sci studio saves it as a TTF file and I want it to be a sci file??
On AGS I open the font editor and click import font then when I look for my font (while telling AGS to look for only sci fonts)and it's not there .when I tell it to look for ttf fonts sudenly it's there(it was saved by sci fontedit like that)but when I open it and I see the map right infront of my own eyes I see english letters(defult map)
which in the edited font file I have changed them all to hebrew letters(no there arn't more than 128 char's).
If we solve this finally there can be hebrew support for AGS games.
Khaveen Hmm, never met this before.
What SCI Studio version have you got?
Be sure to choose file type "SCI Font Resource (font.*) in your Save dialog box. Or choose "All files" and type the name as: "font.[insert 3-digit number here]".
EDIT: Well, if it STILL saves fonts as TTFs, just rename the font to "font.000" or "font.001" of "font.002" etc. [size=1](Counts till 999) ;)[/size]
Alex Lowes I will try it :)
and I am using the newest there is at the download page :)
Alex Lowes Thank you so much it works!!:) :D :D :D
Khaveen Not at all ;)