06's Babe-Finals

06dude Here's the first of the babe pics, I'm working on the others right now. As soon as I have the others done I'll post them here and unlock the voting.
06dude This is Liz Hurley with a cowboy hat and sunglasses holding a blue can. In AGI!!! ;D

rwfromxenon DAMN! That's good! :o
mickey Holy shit !!!
:o :o :o
Joey :o can the others be any hotter? great job man! i cant wait to see the others. btw, are you gonna make a game with the one we pic or something?
06dude Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! Sorry I didn't let you all know what the pic you choose is going into. I've been working on "Agent 06 and the Sankerchaussen" for half a year now, and you play as Michael Jeans, Agent 06, who's like a wimpy version of 007. The plot basically has something to do with rescuing the babe from a battleship held hostage by some terrorists.

Yeah, ;) it sounds pretty stupid, but I'm putting a lot of effort into it to at least make it enjoyable to play. I think I'll be done in like October or something. Thanks again for the feedback! :P
06dude Here's Liz Hurley looking more serious in a bikini and again sunglasses. In AGI!!! :o
06dude And here's Michelle Pfieffer posing in a... uhh.. fur coat thing, also with sunglasses. (Hey, eyes are hard to draw! :))
Kon-Tiki Pfeifer's the best, then the first, then Liz Hurley (there's something seriously wrong with her face)

Rich Wow, those are some great pics! I sure wish I could draw them as well for FQ. How did you do them? Did you scan in a picture of them, and then trace them in PicEdit? Or did you draw it freehand in PicEdit looking at a picture?

btw, regarding FQ2 update. My new computer broke and I'm not getting it back for a couple weeks so I can't work with the game for a bit. However, since I saw how well NAGI worked with SQ0, I've decided to implement that into FQ2 instead of the original Sierra Interpreter. Good news, huh?

and Midochloreans are living creatures inside our cells. They unite us and bind us. And ultimately, people with a lot of them have the force. let's hope we never have to hear about them again in any movie. wink, wink
06dude Thanks for the compliements.

To draw these pics, I went online and found some fan pages of Liz Hurley and all them. Then I went and pasted them onto this program I have called Irfan View, which lets you resize pictures to the right size (320 x 168) and decrease the colors to 256. Then, I save it as a .pcx file. Finally I drag it right onto picedit and trace using the F10 key to show the picture.

And thanks for clearing up all that Midichlorean rubbish.
I salute little Anakin for the worst movie line in any Star Wars movie:
"Master Qui Gon, I heard master Yoda talking about midichloreans. I was wondering--- what ARE midichloreans???"