Where are theres games?

Robin_Gravel I found SQ Mouse Demo and Get Outta Space Quest in the standard.ini file from Vagi.

Where may I find them?

Robin Gravel

To Nick: a link to my site is broken from your site. There is my new link:

AGI1122 On the Space Quest the lost chapter web site look on the main page for a link to the mouse version.

The other game can be found at Joekool's web site.

I don't really remember the link to the two sites but hope that helped.
Robin_Gravel Thanks Chris. I found it.

Robin Gravel
Robin_Gravel First I found SQ mouse and now I found get outta space quest.

Robin Gravel

AGI1122 Well glad to help.
Nailhead Sounds intriguing, could you post a URL to both games?
Robin_Gravel You may find Get outta Space quest at:

Space Quest mouse

Robin Gravel