Need a graphics drawer!

Mastercard Yo!

The game under process with Mr. Storyteller is again stopped because he got a new computer (a good thing?) but hasn't got AGI Studio on it, and his also quite busy right now...I hope we'll be able to get that ***** game out sometime soon (yeah, maybe like the next millenia).

But anyway, meanwhile I don't have to fight with my primary game I'd like to make some other game to practice more with AGI Studio and...well it IS fun to make games. The problem is, Storyteller is not available right now and all the other drawers I have in my mind either don't have time, computer or will to draw me anything. So if there is anyone who could draw graphics for a game I'd be very very happy happy joy joy. The game is going to be (hey, I've mentioned this like half a year ago) a trench coat adventure in the style of...hmm...dunno any Film Noir games...maybe a little the style of D
Eero R Few film noir games: Blade Runner and Discworld Noir... I'll be waiting this game eagerly if it's going to come anywhere near them in qualify.
Kon-Tiki Film Noir eh? I know I can draw such pics, but unfortunately, I'll be away on camp for quite a while soon, so I can't do it for now.