turkeysRus I've been working on a new exciting ( ::)) game in AGI: Xing Xing's Chi Quest. It involves getting revenge on the Dark Chi Wizard for torching your Teepee, and freeing a building full of sweatshop workers in the process. The game's coming along just fine, and felt like announcing it for no good reason. ;D
rwfromxenon That sounds *almost* weirder than Voodoo Girl, but not as weird as J!J!U!U! :D
Looking forward to it!

- Allen
Kon-Tiki Sounds like something I'll definetly enjoy :) If you need some inspiration, try playing Superhero Legue of Hoboken. It's just as insane as it sounds, so it'll be a good help for when you're having a writers block.

Oliver You said it Allen...nothing is as weird has Jiggy Jiggy Uh Uh. :D :D :P