yer mom SCI Studio is great and all......

And Most people have seen the Tech TV show....

...So who thinks Brian is sexy???

Khaveen Here we discuss SCI studio and other SCI-related things. If you want to discuss Brian :), post messages in the off-topic forum:
Pikachu14 If I were a girl, I -would- say Brian's sexy. But I'm not and it'd sound ackward. :-\
Eigen What next? ::) :P

Kon-Tiki As every other guy, I can't tell if another guy's sexy. I can only tell when someone's buttugly (like Morris Engelen, who had to put on a buttugly expression, add buttugly metal plates to his face for that picture and hang it all over my way home from school >:( )

Robert Eric It would be a better idea to send a barrage of love and spam mail to his email address. I'm sure he'd appreciate that...
Brian_Provinciano Hrmm... thanks