Choose the babe!

06dude ;D
Kon-Tiki Any pics? The names don't ring any bells.

AGI1122 Only 3 of them I know. Denise Richards played in a James Bond movie as well as the Star Ship troopers movie.

Elizibeth Hurley was in an Austin Powers movie, and in Bedazzled.

And Halle Barry is in the new James Bond movie.
gpm Hehehehehe

There's currently a 5-way tie. Guess that narrows the selection down! ;D
Robin_Gravel I saw Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman returns.

I vote for her.

Robin Gravel
CaptAmerika Where's my All Time Favourite?

Jennifer Love Hewitt? She shouldn't be omitted from any list of this kind!


Kon-Tiki How about Priscilla

Not for sensitive viewers.

Eero R Wow! What a cool babe! ::)
06dude Priscilla it is! (j.k.) Is she supposed to look like Tweety Bird with a hat?
Joey Kirsten Dunst! ;D
06dude wrote:

Priscilla it is! (j.k.) Is she supposed to look like Tweety Bird with a hat?

Priscilla is Calimero's girlfriend. And yes she wears a hat.

Robin Gravel There's no babes in holowwood.
Kon-Tiki Except for that piggy of course ;)

rwfromxenon Liz Hurley ;D
06dude :) Thanks for voting, everyone. There was a three-way tie between Liz Hurley, Charlize Theron, and Michelle Pfeiffer, so I'm gonna trace two pictures of each of them in PicEdit. Then I'll stick 'em on this board somewhere and hold a second poll to see which pictures look the best. It'll be just like stupid American Idol, choosing the finalists. Thanks again. 8)
muckboy Charlize Theron!