Hooray for the lampsaber fight.

06dude If anyone's beaten SQ0 yet, then they've had the pleasure of fighting in an arcade-like lamp saber fight, kind of like the bob-em sock-em robots of SQ3. I was wondering if Jeff Stewart, Nick Sonneveld, and any other SQ0 creators completely made that scene from scratch, because if you look at the code to go with it, it's ridiculously complicated. That scene should go down in the fanmade AGI hall of fame!
AGI1122 Um, it's called lightsaber not lampsaber. :P
sonneveld Well you get messages about light sabers but if you look in your inventory and read the description, it calls it a lamp sword. :)

btw, I didn't create SQ0, I just did a lot of testing and suggestions. The bulk of the work is Jeff Stewart's and he deserves all the cred.

- Nick