MagickPoultry I'm trying to make the battles in my game more interesting.  It's kind of difficult seeing as how it's just one-on-one fighting.  So I'm in need of suggestions to make it more than just "Fight.  See if you get hit.  Fight again.  Etc."  Right now, you can fight, try to run, or use a "heal potion"-type thing if you have one.  The enemies each have two attacks of different damage and hit%.  You fight with your fists, a knife, or a shotgun.  What should I do to avoid tediousness?  
sonneveld I don't know how feasible it is in AGI.. but I played Super Mario RPG a while ago.. and the thing I liked with the battles (which were turn-based) was during each attack, there were certain times you could press a button.. and if you pressed it at the right time, your attack was a bit more effective.

So instead of just sitting there, hitting attack, heal, attack, heal,... you were also trying to hit the button at the exact time too.

- Nick
AGI1122 Mario RPG rocked I would follow that example if I were you. It is my favorite Mario game and my favorite RPG game.
Robin_Gravel Yeah! I'm working a fighting scenes in Serguei's destiny II too.

Robin Gravel
Chad Goulding You could adopt an approach similar to the fighting sequences in Monkey Island. In those, it wasn't how well you fought, it was what you said while you did it. If you insulted your opponent better than he insulted you, then you won.

In MI you chose from a list of things to say, but I don't know how you'd do it with AGI's text parser. You could perhaps limit it to only insulting a particular thing about them (say, their fashion sense).

Just an idea.
brian lol i loved monkey island

no. 2 was the best