Converting SQ3 to VGA

grafXguru I'm a graphic designer and huge fan of the SQ series. I want to "Skin" SQ3 to have VGA graphics, just as a small personal project since its one of my fav games of all time.

What version if any of SCI Studio should I look to in order to do this?

Also, I want to bring the pic resources into Photoshop and "skin" them, is this possible? I have noticed someone else is in the process of converting SQ3, but I want to do my own just as a fun project.

Any help would be appreciated.
Calvin If you want to use photoshop for backgrounds, SCI Studio EGA's not for you. You can copy and paste images for sprites, but if you want 256 colors for backgrounds and sprites, you should either wait for SCI STUDIO VGA or try another adventure game maker, like Adventure Game Studio. I hope this answers your question. If you need any more help with graphics or otherwise, email me or post something here.
Calvin You should know though, as far as I know, SCI Studio is the only game maker that can open Sierra games, such as Space Quest III.
grafXguru Thanks!

And if anyone wants a designer to help them out on some cool projects, let me know. You can check out some of my artwork at

I don't have any game design experience, but I have my BFA and know Photoshop inside out.

I'm dying for a new adventure game like the old classics!
AGI1122 You will definately have to wait till SCI Studio VGA is released, because right now SCI Studio only opens/edits SCI EGA games.