The 13th Disciple

Darko I'm stuck in the game, how and where do I get the broom to sweep the floor? I looked in the closet, but couldn't find or do anything in there.
CaptAmeriKa Hi and thanks for playing 'the 13th Disciple',

The broom is in the closet, underneath the pile.
"Search pile" should do once you're standing over at the fridge in the back.


(who WILL return to programming on the Disciple one of these days)
Kon-Tiki :o Cappy's back! Welcome a-board (yeah, lame pun)

CapTAmerik@ Wow, that you even remember me!

Feels good to be appreciated.... I have been working my tail off... Unfortunately not on the game, but in real life. But I will be attempting my comeback very soon now, :-)!

How's the world of pirates and would-be nameless Ninja Masters?

Kon-Tiki The pirates'll be drinking their grog and saying their arrrrr again when I can get myself to do the last few views of Ninja Forever demo 1 (and make music/find someone who can make music for it) Views're always such a pain in the bladder to get right.
Anyway, the nameless ninja is not nameless, but Jittokori and the nameless ninjamaster is not nameless, but Rameontai. Those names mean something, but I long since forgot what. I only know that of two names anymore: Daijaaku (= big jerk) and oishiihara (= for others to figure out, kids might read this and actually understand it)

failrate Tiki, if you can help me find a Linux MIDI composer, I'll write 3 songs for you.
Kon-Tiki Ninja-ish songs? One Linux Midi composer coming up.

edit: This ok?

Andrew_Baker I'll do my best to make them sound feudal-Japanese-y.