F*** Quest 2

Funny Man Is Fuck Quest 2 ready? Where from can I download it? ???
Icabod That bastard Richard Eter hasn't finished it yet. And my guess is he'll never finish it!!! Why not look forward to Lover's Quest instead, which will be a much better game with strong moral values! I'll keep you guys posted!
Robin_Gravel Ho nooooo. Another Richard and Icabod feuding.

I don't think that F*c* Quest 2 is a bad game, just different than Lover's Quest.

I wonder if Lover's Quest is available to download.

Robin Gravel
Sami_Tervo hey lets make it by ourselves!! who needs richard for that..all we need is somebody with twisted mind for story,coder and artist who can draw sucky humans (just like me :), but i wont).
Rich Eter Hmmm,
Whenever my name shows up, Icabod seems to reply. But, I'm going to be mature about this and not start some sort of pety feud with that bastard. He's just not worth it... so he can swim up a creek or something.
unfortunately, I haven't touched FQ2 since August, although, at the time, I made a good deal of progress. The graphics are so much better and there's so much more to do in it! Part of my lull has to do with my recent success with women. When that happens, I have no real reason to work on such porno games. But worry not, I'm sure I'll have no women soon and I will resume. I will be very upset however, to find someone else trying to pick up where I left off.
I'm also wondering what to do now after Sept. 11. The WTC featured prominently in FQ2 seeing that it takes place in NYC. Anyone have any ideas. Maybe it should just take place in the past. (I also feel weird since in FQ2 a plane lands in NYC at the Manhatten International Airport. Maybe I should just go with it)
Well, that's the news folks. Ignore that bastard Icabod. He'll never finish Lover's Quest. Last I heard, that hypocrite was out at a bar trying to pick a good lay for the night. Doesn't bode with what he's trying to preach!

Robin_Gravel Right Rich. I never saw Lover's quest demo.

Robin Gravel
RaDIaT1oN In Manhunter the orbs invade New York in 2002, and they fly past the WTC towers in the intro.
In Manhunter 2 you leave NY in 2004, they're still standing.

I don't think anybody really cares.