Conratulations to all of you! Looks like crashed!

Khaveen I have tried to visit our beloved site a minute ago. IExplorer said that 'the URL '' doesn't exist'. What does it mean, Brian? ???
Khaveen It is not the site error, it is my network error! Excuse me everybody!
Moderator, please remove this mess!
Pikachu14 Funny. I couldn't reach BriPro.Com either. And that was less than half an hour ago!
Khaveen Hmmm, maybe Brian have been updating the site? But I don't see any sign of updates ???
AGI1122 It's probably down temporarily. You guys need to get a life, if it where gone for at least a week then I would be worried... 1 day is nothing to worry about, it will probably be back up soon.
PeaceMan It's working now.
sonneveld phew. don't need to get a life now :)

- Nick
AGI1122 ::)
Brian_Provinciano It was down for an unknown reason. I emailed the host and a few hours later it was back up. It was only down for twelve hours at the most, and I had nothing to do with it. It was most likely system maintenance.
Paladinlover Well, it's back online now, so we don't have to worry :)

Till next time stay cool 8)
Khaveen D*mn! They again disconnected you, Brian! You'd better choose another host!
Brian_Provinciano They didn't disconnect anything, they were simply down due to technical difficulties for a short period of time.
Xqzzy Rcxmcq Somebody probably tripped over the power plug, pulling it out. ::)