Icon-Based Interface in SCI0

Khaveen Brian, you said in your SCI VGA demo that the scripting language in SCI1 is the same as in SCI0. Maybe an icon-based interface can be done in SCI0? If you know how, maybe you'll tell me about it?
Brian_Provinciano Correct. You could have an SCI1, SCI32, or even SCUMM interface in your SCI0 game. You just need to script it. It's pretty straight forward to do it yourself, but when the SCI1 VGA template is released, it could be easily ported to SCI0 as well.
Khaveen How about making some templates for SCI0 with these interfaces? It will be really cool! I always thought that the main feature of AGS that is not in SCI Studio that with AGS it is possible to make custom GUIs. Maybe, with SCI Studio, it is possible to build even first-person adventures??? :P
Pikachu14 First...person...

Please excuse me while I wet myself. ;D
Paladinlover Well, my first week of C++ training is over and everything is going well, but I'm still troubled as to whether I can actually apply what I learned to SCI studio ???

But I'll do my best. And yes, I'm sure a first person mode is possible, I mean look at the Dr. Brain series, they used SCI1 VGA, didn't they?

And of course, there comes Jones in the Fast lane, it isn't even a puzzle or an adventure, just a fun, albiet pointless game, of life!

Till next time stay cool 8)
Nychold There were a couple of non-adventure games made with SCI0...Hoyle's Book of Games, for instance. The first copy of that uses an SCI0 engine.

As for "first person", it is possible, so long as you're not thinking of a real time 3D game. That would probably involve too much for the game engine to be able to handle. Remember, there still is a 64k memory limit. ;)
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