smartguy240 Hey brian....this has happened 2 times now.

Ive been exporting cels from Quest for Glory for GOA use, and when i do that, sometimes i get about 800 popups with different error messages....some talk about the system being full or something...some say the canvas wont allow that...some just say random other errors....their exact sayings had escaped my thought

All i know is that there are about 800 of them and they continuliously pop up at about 20 per second or so....

Just thought id let you know
(screenshot wouldnt work for somereason :-\)

smartguy240 Out of System
Error Creating Windows Object
Canvas Does Not Allow Drawing

Are the 3 errors...3rd time this has happened :-S
Brian_Provinciano XP or 98?
smartguy240 XP...this has happened like 7 times now...is there a newer/older version that allows you to export cels that would mabye be different (im using your current PUBLIC release if that matters)
smartguy240 14th time...

Invalid Parameter
TONS of different access violation codes
not enough memory to write(something like that)

are ones too
smartguy240 oh, and it isnt just when i am exporting now....its is just generally when i am in the view editor