POLL: Your favourite Sierra game developer?

Khaveen I'm going to e-mail to a winner of this poll. The text will be something like this:
"You have just won a 'Favourite Sierra Developer' Contest! Our Congratulations!" ;D ;)
Eigen I'd wote for Al Lowe but he's not on the list.

Khaveen OOPS! Sorry! I'll add him now!
Sorry again!
Kon-Tiki Tough one... I'ld either vote for Al or for the Coles because they made QfG. Dunno which Cole that is anymore though, so can't vote for them yet (and still have to make up my mind wether to pick that guy or Al)

Khaveen The main idea of QfG was by Lori. Corey did the programming.
Robin_Gravel Did Ken Williams make a game? I don't know.

I'd like to vote Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe for Space Quest series.

Robin Gravel
Khaveen wrote:
I'm going to e-mail to a winner of this poll.
Where is Jane Jensen ? :-\

billygoat What about Christy Marx?
rwfromxenon Hmm, I'm stuck between the 2 guys and Al Lowe.

I love Space Quest, but Al Lowe is the winner! ;D
Eero R Al Lowe is the best!
Oliver Al Lowe is the best because I haven't got a clue who the other guys are :D
Omer Mor I'd pick Jane Jensen if I could...
Eero R
Omer Mor wrote:

I'd pick Jane Jensen if I could...

Me too, but Al Lowe is the best from this list...
Kon-Tiki Who's Jane Jensen?

Eero R Um, you have heard about Gabriel Knight, right?
Kon-Tiki Yep, but never played it (yet) It's pretty hard to find, although I've seen that latest GK, that one in full 3D. Didn't like that one.

Eero R Hard to find? I think not, and I also think that Gabriel Knight 3 was one of the best adventures I've played...
Kon-Tiki I haven't found any store that sells it and you can't download it from most abandonware sites due to IDSA.

Eero R You can buy all parts and a collection with cheap prices from E-bay at this very moment... ::)
Kon-Tiki Ah yeah. I keep on forgetting about E-bay ::) I need to find a certain site first and see if it's still there before I'll look on E-bay.

Omer Mor I think GK3 is the best adventure game sierra ever made, and it's not that I don't like the other games. It's just that great a game.
I myself feared the 3d interface but Jane Jansen overcame this obstacle and crafted one great game.
And GK1 is also great. I didn't play GK2 yet but ppl say it's very very good.