New computer... new problems

Rich_ Hey Everybody,
I bought a new computer a few weeks ago and now I can't seem to run any AGI games on it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not really interested in using NAGI or any other new interpreters because I've never been able to get them to work on any platform. But, if there's a way to get Sierra's interpreter to run on Windows XP, I'd love to hear about it.
Until I can get it to work, there will be no more progress on FQ2...
smartguy240 NAGI
Robin_Gravel If you still have your old windows 95, 98 or 2000, why not installing older windows on your newest computer.

Robin Gravel
smartguy240 Just for AGI? are you insane?

Just use serious! It works...and good too

You can hear the sounds and see the stuff that the origonal interpreter dosent show in the pictures...
Patrick wrote:

Just for AGI? are you insane?

If tomorrow I'll buy a new computer, I'll install win98 on it. So I can play old games and new games not just for agi.

Robin Gravel
Kon-Tiki Tricke's right. Nagi's the best solution. Not only that, but you can have Nagi on your pc one time, put all the games in its directory in subdirs and you can choose which game you'll play when you start Nagi up. Only bad thing is that, if your screen isn't set to 16bit colours, it'll mess the colours of the game up.

kryddturken I can run the original AGI interpreter just fine on my Windows XP. What's your problem, does it not start or what..?
Eero R You must use DOS compatible folder path, they won't run otherwise...
kryddturken Eero, really? I use WinXP PRO and I run both AGI/SCI games without changing anything from the original setup.. hmm..
Eero R I run Windows XP Professional too, and they run in absolutely any folder, but for example in my father's computer with the same OS they will only work in DOS-compatible folders. Go figure. Maybe it's something to do with service packs (it may be that Rich has SP3 or something installed when he bought his new computer)...
smartguy240 It must be WinXP Home Edition then... :-\
Joel XP Home Edition is also capable of running AGI games. I've done it before, without having to change any settings or worrying about whether the path name was "DOS compatible" or running in any kind of compatibility mode.
smartguy240 Sure, i can run them too....but it leaves out some things in the pictures of AGI, and i cant get sound ;)
Rich Actually, it's Windows XP pro. What happens when I try to load an AGI game is that the screen goes black (into that DOS mode I suppose) like the game is going to run, and then it sort of stops. Task manager says it's running but it's not really. I suspect I'll have the same problems with NAGI anyway if I can't resolve this. And since I've never got it to work anyway, I don't really want to try it. Maybe I need a dll?
AGI1122 The dll required for NAGI isn't included because of legal reasons. If you read the instructions it should give you a link to the site that has the dll you need to run NAGI.
Sami_Tervo I also got Win XP Pro and got no problem running AGI games..except those which use AGI Mouse (well can't see cursor).

I'm not implying anything, but if you got Win XP Pro version which ain't so legal :), trying another version might solve problem...Perhaps those crackers messed up with XP's dos-thingie. Luckily mine version works -- of course it's legal, students have afford to everything! - well.

And if nothing won't help, you can always do dual formatting(dunno what's the realname) to your know, putting both XP & Win 9x..or even good ol' dos.
Eero R It's called dualboot, and for that, computer must be reinstalled, you can't install DOS or Windows 9x after installing Windows XP (you can, but not dualboot)...
slacker i didnt know people still buy entire computers these days.....just put it together yourself for 2/3 of the price
sonneveld I still build my own but I think it's the fact that people want a PC that just works and a phone number to call if it doesn't. Putting a computer together yourself means that if you want it fixed, you usually have to do it yourself or call some geeky friend that you don't want in your house (which would probably be me) :)

- Nick
Eero R Until now, I builded my own computers, but I bought my last computer as I calculated it to be cheaper than building exactly the same computer on my own...
sonneveld A new machine, yes it probably would be cheaper. But I've slowly replaced bits 'n pieces as I needed them over the years.

- Nick