Suggestions for serguei's destiny II in progress.

Robin_Gravel Unstead choose a fighter, a magic user or a thief like quest for glory games, the player may control three characters unstead one, maybe four.

Each character uses his own inventory like lucasart maniac mansion game.

Also I need a musician for this game.

To see more infomations about this game, go to:

Any suggestions are welcomed.

Robin Gravel

sonneveld Hi,

I like the idea of using a seperate inventory for each character.  How were you planning on implementing this?  I'm guessing you're not going to use Sierra's stock inventory selection and use your own code?

One thing I liked from the Quest for Glory series was the fact that the solution for each problem depended on which character you were using.  You could have multiple solutions for problems too.

Are you going to implement fighting?  I don't know if realtime action would work too well in AGI.  You might need to create a turn-based fighting section.

Good luck.. those are just some suggestions I thought of, off the top of my head.

- Nick
Robin_Gravel Hi Nick.

Have you played DG: the agimouse adventure game yet?

This agimouse game uses a new inventory system you may
use a mouse to acces and see objects you have found.

Build an inventory for each person is as easy as creating a new room.

AGISCI has suggered from another board to use three characters at the same time unstead one of three like qfg.

AGISCI has also suggered to use the same inventory for the three (or four) characters. They characters may work like a team.

For the fighting scenes, I'm looking for it.

Robin Gravel

Chris' board

Robin_Gravel One month has passed since the last post.

Any suggestions are over. I don't want to rewrite my game again if someone suggests me another thing.

Don't push the agi interpreter to its limits.

Let me see about your suggestions:

The player controls two more characters.
Each character has his own inventory.
Fighting scenes like quest for glory.

I'm looking for them.

Robin Gravel

Note: Serguei's destiny II will look like a great game. Keep the fingers crossed.