Box art and manuals

Kon-Tiki I'm looking for examples of the old Sierra gameboxes and the manuals. Looked at the boxes at, but that's only for Space Quest. Anyone know where I can take a look at the other boxes to see how they're made up (especially the art on them) and where I can see how the manuals look like and how they are set up?

sonneveld I need a scanner.. then i'll be able to scan them in for you. Best bet is to look up ebay, they always have pics as examples.

- Nick
Eero R Mobygames. Practically, I'd be able to scan them in, but I'm too lazy... Maybe, if you can't find some of them from Mobygames.
Anonymous has loads of box covers for nearly all the old Sierra AGI and SCI games.
Eero R Just posted that...
Kon-Tiki Eero: he seemed to be typing at the same time, but pressed 'post' just a bit later.

I know how the front should look like now (although I can't draw like that), but sides and back... that's not on mobygames. Nor are the manuals :-\

-Kon-Tiki- Free fonts can be found at the following sites:

Contact me on msn for the manuals.
Pikachu14 Did somebody say "box art"?

I can do box art ;)
Omer Mor Many scanned manuals can be found at and .
Kon-Tiki Thanks Omer, that Replacementdocs-site really rocks :)

Pika, I'll contact you for the box art, you've seen what my drawing abilities on a pc are, so I'd better not do it myself or will have to scan it in (and that pc has a broken disk drive :-\ )

Buzzlescut, thanks for the fonts. They'll be useful for the manuals.

I now know how the boxes should look like and what measurements they have, so the designing can start.
Now to take a look at those manuals to find out how they're made up...