AGI walkthroughs

Mallika Hi!

I'm a great fan of adventure games, especially the old sierra style ones. I've been playing a lot of the fanmade AGI games, & but i've had to abandon them after getting frustrated as there were no walkthroughs, not even hints!! I need them as i get stuck quite often. I could only find walkthrough for "residence 44", "URI Quest" & "Corby's murder mystery". Are there no hints or no walkthroughs available for the rest or a hints forum?.

Many of the author's sites given in the readme files are dead & E-mails r not valid. So help me please.

Does no one except me get stuck in the games ?
Kon-Tiki I'm updating my site now. I was planning on redoing the games-part completely and putting a walkthrough for each of my game there. Dunno what the other developers do though. Anyways, most of us just look at the game in AGI Studio when we're stuck, feel rather ashamed, but play further. Still, I agree that there should be more walkthroughs available.

Corby My game has a walkthrough??? Weird!
Mallika Oops, I meant to write "Al Pond-- Island Quest" not "Corby's mystery!" Sorry. :-
juncmodule Took me a while to find out where he put this...

It has V on it and is some potential for new walkthroughs to be made...

Eero R They're hints. UHS = Universal Hint System...
Andrew_Baker Yar, I've been getting enough requests for a help document that I'm going to be writing one. I'll create an HTML doc first and then a UHS file... thing-y.