SCI1.1 view extractor or something

Cough I'd like to preface this with saying that I am extremely impressed with how far this project has gone. I've been following this decoding project for years, and it's amazing that SCI1 VGA games are finally going to be hacked completely.

Is there a program out there that extracts .v56 view files from Sierra SCI1 games? I just downloaded chris's view editor, which is awsome, but I then realized I had to extract the view from the game. Then I downloaded a series of other programs that apparently did not reconize the games resource map because it was not SCI0 - I assume. If there is any program out there floating around on the net please tell me about it. Also, is there maybe a sight that has some .v56 files to download? Thanks.
Brian_Provinciano Chris' view editor? I'm the author of the VGA view editor, Brian Provinciano.

To extract SCI1 views without the new SCI Studio, you need SCI Decoder VGA. Get it off my other AGI&SCI site--
Cough Cough sorry brian, I made a mistake there. I humbly apologize.
Cough Cough Cough By the way... thanks for the help. This is awsome!! ;D
smappy darnit... I tried the VGA decoder, but It doesn't work at all. I guess this only refers to 16 color VGA games, like Kings Quest 1 VGA? Is there any program that decodes view files from 256 color SCI games?
Chaju Is there any program to extract the text files of the Police Quest 1 VGA? Y can