I have some questions...

FastaKilla 1. How can I have it go to a room, play the loop of a view just once, then go back to the original room?

2. How can I show a message when you enter a room (just once, I tried but it keeps saying it over and over)?

3. How do you do movies/intros? (If this is a long answer, maybe somebody could put it in the tutorial?)

PS. Bluntman & Chronic game progress
39 PICs
23 SOUNDs (24 if you count dummy)
plus 3 inventory items, and lots of misc scripting
Eigen |1| - To the part where you check the previous room number put:

(aView: init() cel(0) setCycle(End RoomScript))

This cycles the loop from the beginning to the end once. Then to the RoomScript instance add:

(method (changeState newState)
= state newState
(switch (state)
(case 0
= cycles 1
(case 1
(send gRoom: newRoom(2)) //go back to the room you came from

|2| - First add another variable to the room. In to the beggining of the script to after (use "something") put:
This is a local variable, which is always false when entering the room. Then add to the RoomScript instance:

Print("Your message here!")
= message TRUE

Checks if the variable 'message' is false then prints a message and states the variable TRUE, so it wont show it again.

Hope it helps!

FastaKilla Thanks!

With that information, I got a lot done on my game! ;D